So I have neglected this blog, BIG TIME.  But, in my defense, I have had a lot going on lately and updating this silly, no good, completely awful, narcissistic, web site has been low on my priority list (even though it is awesome because it is about me).  The short of it is that I resigned from my old job at Interlochen Center for the Arts to take on a new challenge at the Traverse Area District Library.  So I’m still doing IT work for an innovative non-profit, but this go-round, I get to be the manager and I work in town rather than out in the woods.

Making the decision to leave Interlochen was very difficult.  The energy of the place, the talent of the IT team, and the things we were able to make happen there were simply amazing.  During my last few days as an ICA employee, I never felt more appreciated and respected.  I feel blessed to be able to leave a job that I loved gracefully to follow my passions elsewhere.

A clear bonus in the situation was being able to stay in the area and thus be able to stay in touch with my many partners in crimes.  I also take with me the memories of webcast gone array, stretching and scratching, proud men, loading up the danger ranger, etc.

The new job is great so far.  Amazingly solid, experienced, and interesting IT team, bold leadership, and an organizational openness to change.  I think we will do great things together.  Working in town, less than a fifteen minute walk (or when it is really cold or raining out, a two minute drive) from my house, is pretty sweet and makes me feel a lot more like I am actually a citizen of this town and not just a transient.  I also feel invigorated by just doing something different, facing fresh challenges, mixing it up, mastering new things, etc.  The future is bright.

And I will try to keep this thing updated.  I have no excuse for not contributing to the internet.