4 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Facebook

I have found Facebook (or the Facebox as my mom calls it) to be a mostly awesome thing. Everyone uses it, it is a great way to keep in touch with people and an excellent platform to share cool things. That said, even my best Facebook friends sometimes engage in behavior that not only diminishes the Facebox experience, but also is embarrassing for the perpetrator of the faux pas. So to help such folk see the light, here is my list of four things everyone needs to stop doing on Facebook (in no particular order).  *Also, in no way is this directed at an More >


No Worries: Passion vs. Fear

One of my favorite phrases is “no worries.” It is important to clarify that “no worries” does not at all equate to “I don’t care” (one of my least favorite sayings).  The difference between worry and care, in this dude’s humble opinion, comes down to their emotional locust or origin.  I would argue that worry is a response driven by fear, while care comes from passion or love.  For example, I care about my job because it is something that I enjoy doing (and I also really enjoy getting a pay check that allows me to have a house, eat good More >


LibX Plugin for Firefox and IE

So I have been spending a good deal of time lately diving further into the world of library technology.  Everyday I feel like I am picking-up some new concept or utility.   Today, I want to share a free browser plugin called LibX, that allows you to create and share a browser interface to explore your catalog.

The plugin claims compatibility with both IE and Firefox (I can verify that it works with Firefox 3.6, but does not work with Firefox 4.0.7 beta) and can be linked to and installed like any other browser plugin.  When you visit LibX’s edition builder, you More >


Goodbyes and New Gigs

So I have neglected this blog, BIG TIME.  But, in my defense, I have had a lot going on lately and updating this silly, no good, completely awful, narcissistic, web site has been low on my priority list (even though it is awesome because it is about me).  The short of it is that I resigned from my old job at Interlochen Center for the Arts to take on a new challenge at the Traverse Area District Library.  So I’m still doing IT work for an innovative non-profit, but this go-round, I get to be the manager and I work More >


There and Back Again: Afterthoughts of an Adventure

In certain ways, I identify a lot with the famous protagonist of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.  In general, I take comfort in routine, love my hobbit hole of a house, and do not usually associate with wizards, dwarfs, and/or far off questing just like Mr. Baggins.  However, like Bilbo, I also have recently gotten caught up in all kinds of adventures, have fought the good fight, and come home victorious.

In the last year or so I have been to Geneva for three weeks two summers in a row, voyaged to castles Southern France, hiked the coast line of Northern Italy, More >


Going Beyond Slides with Prezi

One of the coolest things I discovered in the final residency of my graduate program is a site/service called PreziPrezi is a free online presentation generator that allows you to create amazing animations, that zoom, jump from topic to topic, etc.  Check out the sample presentation below to get a taste of what you can create.

Power of storytelling on Prezi

Pretty cool stuff.  The entire zooming in and out / moving around functionality allows one to exploring a large, multifaceted topic, in a visually compelling and meaningful way.  These presentations are easily shareable / embeddable, making them reusable in a variety of CMS, More >